Perfect Timing…

I feel like I have neglected you all! Forgive me…

Y’all still love me right? Hehe


Some of you may know I recently and finally got a job, my first real job! It was such a big deal in my house my mom was like” I should go with you, its like your first day of prep school” side eye, she didn’t come though, Thank God. All my family members were calling to wish me well; it was all too much lol.

I grew up hearing older folks say “Nothing happens before God’s time” or “God’s timing is perfect” and I have always, took it lightly but it’s a serious fact of life.


I had been applying for jobs ALLLL SUMMER long, literally. Some of my friends would joke and say that I really didn’t want a job because I would at the last minute not go to an interview or refused to apply to certain places.


Nothing happens before time…. ALL SUMMER I had houseguest, when one set boarded the plane another set was landing. I am now a pro at navigating JFK International Airport and if you know what I know it can be confusing as crap!

That goes to say that I spent most of my time entertaining others and not having much time to really look about personal things.

When I got the call and the email for the interview for the job, I knew it had to be some superior power aligning the stars for me, because chile I didn’t even apply to that location, I had randomly called but they had just got done hiring and so I thought that was it. However fortunately for me things didn’t work out with one of the new hires and that’s where I came in.

I took the last set of houseguest to the airport at 12am on September 2nd for their 2 am flight, and went to work 12:30pm on the third.

Had I been working during the summer I would not have been able to be a good host and being the introvert that I am, I would have been real miserable with people in my space when I come home late and just want to scroll through IG, read then sleep and in that order!

This is all to say, that we really need to exercise faith and though it’s easier said than done, worrying does us no good ever. Just allow your steps to be ordered.



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